It is from its Catholic identity that the school derives its original characteristics and its 'structure' as a genuine instrument of the Church, a place of real and specific pastoral ministry. The Catholic school participates in the evangelizing mission of the Church and is the privileged environment in which Christian education is carried out. In this way 'Catholic schools are at once places of evangelization, of complete formation, of enculturation, of apprenticeship in a lively dialogue between young people of different religions and social background. The ecclesial nature of the Catholic school, therefore, is written in the very heart of its identity as a teaching institution.

Congregation for Catholic Education, The Catholic School on the Threshold of the Third Millennium, 1997


The mission is to provide its students with an excellent education, in the context of a solid formation in the Catholic faith, and within a culturally sensitive environment. Solidarity School recognizes the unique talents and needs of each student, while emphasizing the importance of each student becoming a committed member of a larger community that includes family, school, church, and neighborhood.


The School's program focuses on the intellectual, spiritual, moral, aesthetic, social and physical development of each student and is directed to forming individuals who are able to function effectively in and contribute to the positive development of their community.

The rationale behind the program provides a study in beginning English instruction at age three, with incremental levels of immersion into the language, and ultimately the use of all materials/books in English prior to entering kindergarten. The program not only provides faith formation but seeks to have students exit Solidarity ready to continue their education in either public or private venues without ESL tracking. Upon entering elementary school, students are afforded opportunities due to their ability to have command over the English language in both oral and written expression. As stated in the mission statement, the environment is sensitive to their native culture, with many traditions, holidays and Catholic feasts being celebrated throughout the year.