RELIGION – Christ our Life Series which develop a positive self-image in relationship to a loving God. Weekly visits to the chapel, beginning the day in prayer, K4J Virtue program facilitated by Holy Spirit Preparatory Lower School, and celebrating all the liturgical seasons of the calendar year brings faith alive for Solidarity students.

READING & LANGUAGE ARTS – Open Court, Carson –Dellosa, Mercer Mayer, as well as a host of supplemental resources guides the development of phonics and reading readiness

MATHEMATICS – REAL MATH and Mercer Mayer provide the foundation for the curriculum and allows for the development of knowledge that comes from the understanding of quantitative concepts

SCIENCE & SOCIAL STUDIES – Through supplemental materials and resources, the program allows for the development of a natural curiosity leading the child to question, investigate, manipulate, classify and report findings. Especially important to the students we serve is the celebration of the cultural diversity and traditions associated with their heritage.

ART – Develop creativeness and a sense of self-expression

MUSIC – Develop a love and appreciation for singing and rhythm

LANGUAGE – Develop appreciation for the Spanish language and culture

CREATIVE MOVEMENT – Develop both gross and fine motor skills including skills that directly contribute to early writing