Students are evaluated using instruments that not only assess their academic performance, but also development growth. The school maintains record on each student enrolled and finds most beneficial the review of progress of each child during their after two years attending The Solidarity School. The program allows for a smooth transition into local kindergarten programs where ESL tracking is not necessary due to their proficiency in English and academics.

  Assessment tool                 WHAT IT MEASURES

  • Gesell Developmental Observation                                      
  • Quarterly Progress Report                          
  • Informal & Formal Observations                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      
  • Surveys


  • Development Growth & Readiness                                          
  • Skills Development and Growth                         
  • Student behavior; spiritual values; families and their living environment; heath & dental assessments; academic learning; social development                                    
  • Experience of parents within school and that of their students who previously attended the school.

The program provides the community with opportunities for early learning in a context of a nurturing environment, meeting each child’s intellectual, physical and spiritual needs. Outcomes related to the goals of the school are obvious when looking over individual records, achievements, developmental growth, English proficiency, and the level of care demonstrated by the faculty and staff.