Order of Malta

The Order of Malta at both the national and local has been supportive of The Solidarity School through the generosity of their time, talents, and financial resources. To read how the Order of Malta supports The Solidarity School, Please read the attached newsletter that was prepared for their national headquarters in Washington, DC.

Holy Spirit Catholic Church

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Centro Catolico

Located within the parish borders of Holy Spirit Catholic Church, the Catholic Center of the Spirit Santo was established in March of the year 2000 by the to serve the Hispanic community of Sandy Springs. The mission brings the Catholic faith to all in the Hispanic community, providing means to know, to love and to serve God. The Catholic Center attends to those people who are far from their mother country, providing them assistance that allows each to integrate themselves into the American culture and live their faith within a community united under the Holy Spirit and the intercession on our Holy Mother, the Virgin of Guadalupe. This Catholic mission strives to satisfy the spiritual needs of the community with Mass being provided every Sunday, confessions, and religious education for children and adults. A newly formed day labor center has just opened and plans for a health clinic are being finalized with services available to the mission community within the next six months. As an organization of social services the mission offers gratuitous services without race discrimination, religion or origin.

Independent Schools in the Atlanta Area

Holy Spirit Preparatory School

► 5th Grade students from the Lower School monthly provide Solidarity students with activities and projects to introduce the virtue of the month through the K4J (Kids for Jesus) program.

► Members of the Upper School Beta Club have accompanied Solidarity students on field trips to the zoo, aquarium, and Cagle's Dairy Farm.

► Upper School students has provided volunteers for the annual Summer Camp and work as counselors and facilitators under the direction of the adult supervisors.

► Past drives from all three campuses to benefit The Solidarity School include the collection of books appropriate to preschool & kindergarten levels (to establish a library), canned goods, and baby supplies.  

Holy Innocents' Episcopal School

Has brought 5th grade students to Solidarity every other month and supplemented the teacher's lesson plan by providing materials, projects, and technological tools to support the theme of the week.

Pinecrest Academy

Has traveled to Solidarity to supplement classroom activities such as celebrating the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe with Solidarity, providing activities, songs, projects, and fun for students.

Atlanta International School

Has raised funds to help families offset the cost of tuition at Solidarity. Representatives from AIS communicate met regularly with Solidarity to assess and allocate support to those identified with the greatest need.

Girl and Boy Scouts of America

► Yearlong project of building a bookshelf with monthly book drive enabling students at the Solidarity School and the Mission to have access to a library of books.

► Secret Santa Workshop is presented to members of the school and recently expanded to members of Centro Catolico. Gift items have been donated and provided for each child to choose a gift for members of their families.  Girl Scouts are there to set up, assist the children in shopping, wrapping and writing gift tags.

► Past Eagle Scout projects have enabled a safe and secure green space for the children and their families. 

► Celebration of Feast Days and Liturgical holidays with activities and events planned for the students.

Local Businesses and Organizations

The Solidarity School partners with local businesses and organizations of the greater Atlanta community to enable students to be exposed to adults in their community who promote a better future. Adopting the motto, "If you make an impression on a child and that changes him for the better, for a lifetime, there is no way to quantify the benefits." Investing in the academic success of students provides benefits to society; however, adult role models are crucial to the development of a successful transition into society.

The School is grateful to the many businesses and organization who continue to visit. Recent examples include the Sandy Springs Police Department & Sandy Springs Fire Department - health and safety; PetSmart - Birds, Reptiles, & Mammals; and Kaiser-Permanente - traveling programs such as "Mumferd’s Safety Tale" & "Give Peas a Chance.