Program Details

The Solidarity School students participate in the learning process through exploration and discovery. Staffed by teachers who are bilingual and a student to teacher ratio of 6:1, our program emphasizes a developmentally appropriate approach to preschool education that encourages our students to lay the foundation for life-long learning.

Sensitive to the level of each child’s development, our learning methods foster creativity, an awareness of God, respect for self and others, a positive self-image, and a love of learning. Working in a partnership with families, students grow in a nurturing environment that enables each to realize their potential in these critical early years.

Key to the success of the Solidarity program is the introduction of the English language. Incrementally introduced, students leaving Solidarity have the foundation necessary for entry into kindergarten. A multi-sensory approach to thematic units allows for the incorporation of religion, language arts, math, science, social studies, art, music, and creative movement according to the developmental readiness of the student. A variety of outside enrichment opportunities are made available through visitors from our community including the local police, fire department, storytellers, and business organizations. Most important to the children are the independent schools that visit monthly and reinforce values and assist in our character development programs.

The Preschool program is designed to be an enriching learning experience suited to the developmental needs of young children. The curriculum adopts a "hands-on" approach to learning. It is important to the mission of Solidarity that our students develop an understanding of newness of community structures in the United States so that we assist in broadening than own experiences both within our school and in their families.