Independent Schools in the Atlanta Area

Holy Spirit Preparatory School

► 5th Grade students from the Lower School monthly provide Solidarity students with activities and projects to introduce the virtue of the month through the K4J (Kids for Jesus) program.

► Members of the Upper School Beta Club have accompanied Solidarity students on field trips to the zoo, aquarium, and Cagle's Dairy Farm.

► Upper School students has provided volunteers for the annual Summer Camp and work as counselors and facilitators under the direction of the adult supervisors.

► Past drives from all three campuses to benefit The Solidarity School include the collection of books appropriate to preschool & kindergarten levels (to establish a library), canned goods, and baby supplies.  

Holy Innocents' Episcopal School

Has brought 5th grade students to Solidarity every other month and supplemented the teacher's lesson plan by providing materials, projects, and technological tools to support the theme of the week.

Pinecrest Academy

Has traveled to Solidarity to supplement classroom activities such as celebrating the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe with Solidarity, providing activities, songs, projects, and fun for students.

Atlanta International School

Has raised funds to help families offset the cost of tuition at Solidarity. Representatives from AIS communicate met regularly with Solidarity to assess and allocate support to those identified with the greatest need.